Kimi no na wa – Your name

Hello everyone!

I decided to write about the anime movie that I saw last friday. I am an otaku, completely in love for both the anime and tradicional japanese culture.

This said, I have the honor to present to you to one of the best movies of anime I’ve ever saw. Kimi no na wa, in japanese, or Your Name for the english version. It got excellent critics since it’s premiere on 26th August in Japan. I only got to see it last night. Here in Portugal you rarely find japanese movies in cinema.


Your Name won several prizes and was a major commercial sucess but I am not going to list of it for you because it’s easy to find in Wikipedia. This review won’t have spoilers because I hate to spoil good stories for others.

This is the story of two teens that suddendly started switching into each other bodies several times in a month completely disturbing their routines. They couldn’t live more separate lifes. Mitsuha lives in a small town of the mountainous Hida region and Taki lives in Tokyo. They are both the same age and are high school students but their surroundings and daily lifes present different challenges and a contrasting reality. Despite all this, they start to get along. And from here the plot take us to a roller-coaster of emotions.

I laugh and cried a lot during this movie. There were times I totally believed this was a happy story and then it switched (like the reality of these teenagers) and I started to believe it was a sad story, only for the plot to switch again and again and again. The plot is touching and has elements of drama, romance, time travelling and fantasy, so it’s perfect for my taste.

The visual art is amazing. Excellent work and drawings in this tradicional animated movie. You can feel and see the diferences between modern Japan, by following Taki daily life in Tokyo, and ritualistic Japan through Mitsuha responsabilities and tasks. Soundtrack is another great plus for this masterpiece. I am addicted to it. The music fits completely into each moment and the songs are moving (or catchy).

I can’t recomend more this movie. It will take you on a journey that will take your breath away!


Hello and Welcome


I’m Mariana, a 23 years old portuguese girl. I live in Lisbon since I was born but I wish to know more of the world. I just wanted a corner of the web were I could share my random thoughts, writings and hobbies. I have a vast range of interests so you will find a bit of everything here.
Just for an introducion: I’m a cat person so that might a topic. I studied archaeology and ancient history. Ancient Rome and Egypt are my passion and I already wrote a thesis on this topic.
I also love reading, it’s my oldest hobby. Music has a special place in my heart. Gaming too, thought I wish I could it more often.
I have being into penpalling for two years and I’ve found a hobby for life.
I enjoy travelling, even if I cannot do it very frequently.
I follow many series and animes. Yup, nerd and otaku alert!
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